Thursday, January 27, 2011

Motivational T-Shirts for Tweens and Teens - DareDreamer Clothing

Looking for a fashionable and creative gift for that birthday boy or girl? Get them an inspiring and positive T-Shirt from Dreamer ENT's DareDreamer Clothing.

The DareDreamer T-shirt line created especially for youth is features uplifting message for girls and guys, to contrast many of the negative images and messages out there today. Visit to see more styles, and for more motivational content for youth!

Sweet 13 - Thirteenth Birthday Party Invitation - Colorful Polka Dots

Why should 16 year olds have all the fun? Here is a cute polka-dotted invitation and matching envelope for that coming-of-age celebration:

Zebra Print and Purple Sweet 16 Invitations

Zebra print and fuschia or pink invitations and party themes are so common - so why not pick an animal print and purple theme instead? Here are some invitation picks that your daughter might love:

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Tween & Teen Room Decor: iCarly Inspired Room by Nate Berkus

On the Nate Berkus Show, a tween got a dream room transformation when Nate gave her room an iCarly inspired makeover. Check out the video below, maybe you'll get some ideas for your own room.

Trendy Animal Print Zebra and Pink Sweet 16 Invitations and Cakes

Animal Print Sweet 16 Themes are very popular and a cute pick for any teen or tween party. For some sweet inspiration, here are some cute zebra print cakes from MariChula that might inspire your own:

Here are some invitation picks for your next party (Click on an invite below to learn more, customize, and purchase):

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Trading Spaces Boys Vs. Girls - Youthful Theme Room Decor Inspiration

Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls on the Discovery Kids Channel is a spin-off of the adult Trading Spaces. The room makeovers the kids and designers do on the show are so imaginative and whimsical.

Here's a clip during the reveal of a hat-inspired room if you've never seen the show:

Here are some creative room transformations rooms from the show that might inspire you to dream up a creative theme for your own bedroom (the link will come up in a new window, and you can click the arrow to see the before and after of the room):

One of my very favorites the Broadway Theater. I love the purple and gold combination, the wall painting and the lights!

Another one of my favorites, an "Underwater Dream." I wish my room looked like that!

Another favorite, the Actress Dressing Room. I love the elegance of the gold and red silk drapery and pillows.

I'm loving the canopy in this African Safari!

This South Beach room takes me back home to Miami. I'm loving the lighting, palm trees and colors.

Here's a room that was transformed into a Princess Tower. I love the shades of purple, the arch over the bed and the realistic landscape on the wall.

If I were this kid, I'd love to be sent to my room as "punishment" in this Beach Paradise.

It looks like a real Jungle!

Back in the day, to an early American General Store and a Rustic Log Cabin

Here's a cool "High-tech Spy Warehouse"

Here's an African and Puerto Rico inspired room and a colorful India inspired room

This one doesn't even look like a bedroom! It's a funky Jazz Lounge.

Here's a quirky Animal Palace. I love the patterns.

He can wake up in the middle of the night to make tracks in this Recording Studio

A future President?

An indoor Skater and Mardi Gras Queen

A delicious and colorful Candy Factory

An "Imperial China" feel and "Japanese Style"

Making Ancient History and preparing for lift-off

You can check out the show's homepage for more pics, some DIY craft ideas, and the TV schedule. Too bad I'm too old to apply to get my room made-over!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet 16 Party Ideas and Inspiration: Neon Animal Print Teen and Tween Party Theme - Zebra and Leopard Print

Here are some party accent ideas using one of my Sweet 16 Neon Animal Print Invitations as inspiration. This party idea could also be used for a Quinceañera, or any other teen, tween or young adult party. All of the text on the invitation is completely customizable.

Products featured in inspiration board above (click item name to visit the vendor website):

Zebra Napkins from Plates and Napkins
Solid Orange Cup
Solid Neon Pink Cup
Sassy Zebra Print Cups
Cupcake Stand
Orange Leopard and Zebra Balloons
Hot Pink Balloons
Black Balloons
Zebra Print Balloons

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Colorful Animal Print Sweet 16 Invitations - Zebra, Leopard and Butterfly Theme

Here are two bright animal print invitations from my store Envibrance Dream Creations, perfect for any Sweet 16 or other teen/tween birthday party. The invitations are fully customizable. Click on an image below to customize and order:

Here are matching stickers for cupcake toppers, favors, lollipops, table decorations, goodie bags or to seal envelopes.